A Letter from Danielle for July ’21

Hi Everyone,

Well, it’s here at last: Summer!!! I hope that means you’ll get some beach time, or some hammock time under a tree—just some downtime to relax and read and dream after the last stressful year. We’ve all earned a break —and as things improve, we deserve some vacation time, with friends or family, or even on your own.

The Fourth of July kicks the summer off to a great start, with a picnic or a barbecue, maybe a parade. The Fourth of July always makes me think of Southern fried chicken, burgers, and apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top. I missed out entirely on vacation last year, and I was away from my family. We’ll be together later in the summer for our holiday this time, and my favorite pastime during our vacations is reading, so I’m already gathering a stack of books to enjoy!!

And I have two books for you this month to get you started on your vacation reading, and to inspire you. My new hardcover Nine Lives is out today!! It’s about women who want a safe, peaceful life, and the things we sacrifice sometimes for the sake of safety, only to discover that the circumstances and even our partner aren’t as safe as they appear. And the men in the book, particularly the main male character, are addicted to risk and danger: car racing and motorcycles and helicopter skiing—and all the things that some men love. Some men are fascinated with risk and danger, and the activities that go with them. Loving a man who is in love with danger is a high-risk business, but the hero in the book is almost irresistible. It should be a fun, action-packed book for your summer vacation.

And at the end of July, my newest paperback is coming out, Royal—about one of the first female jockeys, and a young British princess who went missing during the war, and the secret legacy she left behind. As the story unfolds, we discover who she is when she does, and it is a long way home from there.

I hope you love both books (they are very different stories) and I hope you’ll take them on vacation with you to add to the fun, and give you some relaxing hours.

Have a great month, and enjoy what time off you have. And I hope the books help you escape to a place where you can relax and have a great time!!!! Have a very happy July!!!


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