A Letter from Danielle for July ‘19

Hi Everyone,

I hope that your summer is off to a great start, and that the weather is cooperating for a nice warm, balmy summer—and that you have some plans for summer vacation and to take some time off. July always gets off on a festive note with July 4th, with parties and picnics, and parades, fireworks, and barbecues. I hope you’ll be doing something fun over the Fourth!!!

And if you do have beach time or vacation planned, I have a new hardcover book that just came out a week ago, Lost and Found. It’s about a woman, a busy successful photographer with three adult kids and a busy career, who has a minor accident and breaks her ankle, and suddenly she takes a break from work and reads some old love letters, and thinks about the three men she loved in her past and left for one reason or another. She questions if her decisions were right and wonders what they’re doing now. With spare time on her hands, she sets off on a road trip to see them, and discovers a great deal about them, herself, and whether her decisions were in fact right (read it and see!!). The road trip is freeing, and even changes her relationship with her kids. The book is all about what happens on that trip, what she discovers, and how it affects her future and how she views her past. I hope you love the book. It seems like a perfect summer read while you relax (or wish you were!!).

And at the end of July, my book Turning Point is coming out in paperback, about a team of eight trauma doctors—four American and four French—who are put together in a team to deal with catastrophic events and mass terrorist attacks in Paris and San Francisco. It’s an exciting book with lots of medical drama and some very interesting characters. I hope you love that one too!!!

Happy Reading and Happy Fourth!!


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