A Letter from Danielle for July ‘18

Hi Everyone!!!

Happy summer!!! There’s no doubt about it now – the summer season is here! I hope your summer is off to a great start, with happy plans ahead for some R&R. The big opening event for July for most people is the 4th of July, and there is nothing more fun than an old fashioned 4th of July celebration. We used to give big 4th of July parties in the country, with all the typical things to eat: hamburgers, hot dogs, fried chicken, corn on the cob, apple pie and vanilla ice cream (everyone’s favorites.) And then we graduated to barn dances with line dancing and fun music, and games for the kids to play. It was a really fun event, and everyone came in cowboy clothes. People of all ages were invited and enjoyed it.

Now our 4th of July is quieter as I’m usually in France, although my children still celebrate. I try to invite friends to dinner on that day.

After the 4th, the summer gets off to a great start, people look forward to vacations, to swimming, sailing, and time at the beach. And I hope that you get some time to enjoy reading and relaxing. The summer is my favorite time to read. I go on vacation with my children, and take a break from writing then, which is the only time I read, and don’t have to work, or edit my books!!!

In just a week or so – on July 10th – my new book THE GOOD FIGHT will come out in hardcover. It’s a book that goes back to a time that is familiar to many of us: the turbulent 60s, and the era of change… the war in Vietnam and desegregation. It’s hard to believe that those difficult times are as recent as they are, and that so much change has occurred in our lifetime. The heroine of the book, Meredith McKenzie, is something of a rebel. Her father is an extremely conservative attorney, and her grandfather is a trail blazing liberal Justice of the Supreme Court. Her admiration for her grandfather and his encouragement lead her to follow paths that were new for women then, and made a major difference in the world. It’s good to be reminded of how far we’ve come, and of the freedoms we enjoy in this country, to forge new paths. I hope you really enjoy the book!!! I try to keep each book different, and I haven’t written in depth about that time in our history before. It really is a fascinating, very exciting time!! I hope you love it!!

I wish you a fabulous July, and a fun holiday this week!!!


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