A Letter from Danielle for January ‘19

Hi Everyone!!!

When I think of January, I think of bears cozily hibernating in their cave, which is pretty much what I do every year in January—after the mad dash of the holidays, with kids coming home, family meals, all our Christmas traditions, getting last minute gifts, and just running around. My kids leave for wherever they’re living a day or two after Christmas, so I take a quick breath when they leave, miss them acutely as soon as they’re gone, savor Christmas memories for a minute, and leap right into writing a new book (with an outline I’ve been working on for months). It takes the sting out of the kids leaving, and within hours I’m deeply engrossed in what I’m writing.

I used to have elegant New Year’s Eves, with friends in black tie for dinner or a dance, then just formal dinners, after that a poker party (in black tie) for several years, and then my New Year’s Eve celebrations got smaller and smaller. When I was married, we were in bed by 10pm, cozily tucked in watching old movies. Two years ago, I gave up New Year’s Eve entirely, and started a new book (writing, not reading) a day or two after Christmas. Now it goes unnoticed, the stroke of midnight is the farthest thing from my mind as I work on the plot and flesh out the characters, and then I suddenly realize that I have gone right past it, and it’s 4 am on New Year’s Day, after a good night’s work. Working on that night keeps me totally happy. And January keeps me even happier, writing and working on the new books!!! Whatever parties I go to, I do in December. January just seems like a great month to tuck in, close the shades, and get to WORK!!! Deep in my cave with my typewriter. So that’s what I’ll be up to.

On January 8, my new hardcover comes out! TURNING POINT is an exciting book about French and American emergency service teams joining forces, first in Paris and then in San Francisco, to recruit a group of interesting ER doctors who bring the book to life. Major attacks, cataclysmic events, and all the fall-out from them, impact the complicated personal lives of the doctors on the team as they join forces to deal with the traumatic events they’re faced with—in their own lives, and at work. And at the end of the month, my book THE CAST will come out in paperback! It’s about the complicated lives of the cast of a hit TV series.

There is something for everyone in both of those books, so if you decide to hibernate, they would be great books to take with you!! So have a fantastic January, whether you hibernate or not!!!


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