A Letter from Danielle for January ‘18

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year!! I hope you’re not too exhausted by the holidays, and that you can take a little time now to catch your breath and relax.

The holidays can be both wonderful and stressful, sometimes at the same time. And one of the concepts I like best in life is the idea of a fresh beginning, of renewal, of casting off the old and putting it to rest, and starting out again. That’s really the whole idea of Easter. The most important part of Easter is The Resurrection, the rebirth, the coming back to rise from the ashes of one’s mistakes or disappointments, and be new again, as best we can be. It’s the idea of spring, when the barren trees burst forth in bloom, when the earth begins again. We feel fresh and alive and full of hope in spring. And in January, we do begin again, with a new year, a clean slate, a whole new time to write another chapter of our personal history. Even if tired, or feeling a little battered, we begin again.

So that’s what we are facing now – a brand new year. Another chance!! A time of renewal, even though winter hasn’t slumped off yet, and the trees are still bare and the landscape is gray. But we know that spring is coming soon. The calendar tells us in January that the year is new, and that we are new, as we contemplate the year ahead and all that we want to accomplish and enjoy this year. So put the past behind you. Turn that page. Start with a brand new clean slate. Let’s look ahead with hope, and faith that we can make this a great year.

I wish you strength and renewal, and an absolutely wonderful year ahead. And however good (or bad) the last one was, the new year will be even better. I wish you a FANTASTIC new year!! Not just a happy one, or an easy one… I wish you an AMAZING 2018!!


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