A Letter from Danielle for February ’17

Hi Everyone,

Here we are, a brand new month. And a good one!!! We get a long weekend for Presidents’ Day, which is always nice, and I think some school kids get ski week, which is fun!! The winter weather is a little less fierce by this point (I hope) … AND (drum roll please), this month we celebrate Valentine’s Day! No Leap Year this year though, so I guess I wont get to propose to anyone. Gee, that’s too bad!!!

As I’ve told you before, my track record with Valentine’s Day is a mixed bag. In 3rd grade I was the only girl in my class who didn’t get a Valentine – a traumatic experience! So my love life got off to a slow start, ha. I’ve been proposed to twice on Valentine’s Day, and I am corny enough to love that…. no need to hike me up a mountain for an exotic proposal, just take me to lunch, or dinner, on Valentine’s Day, and ask. Works for me!!! Some years I’ve had dates, some years I haven’t. I bought myself a red pick up truck once as a Valentine’s Day present (very fun). And we still always set a Valentine’s Day dinner table with candy hearts and a heart shaped cake. I think flowers and chocolates are lovely. I love flowers, and ANY excuse for chocolate works for me.

I don’t see a major romantic statement in my future on Valentine’s Day this year, but you never know. If not, I will hunker down with a box of chocolates and enjoy it!!! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, get taken to dinner, or proposed to, or get a yummy box of chocolates, or a beautiful bouquet of flowers. And whatever happens, YOU will always be my Valentine!!!

Lots of love,


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