A Letter from Danielle for February ‘20

Hi Everyone,

The calendar always moves too fast, and the months speed by. Particularly when I’m writing, I look up and another month has flown past. The major landmark in February, along with Ski Week and President’s Day, is, of course, Valentine’s Day—which can be a dream come true, or a little disappointing. I started out my relationship with Valentine’s Day on the dubious side, in third grade, (9ème in a French school), when I was the only girl who didn’t get a Valentine. (I was smaller, younger, and shyer than everyone in my class—I’m still smaller and shyer!!!). That was the all time low. I eventually recovered from that and had a marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day, which was the all-time high and resulted in a very happy 18-year marriage and 8 children—pretty good as a Valentine result!!!

In recent years, my Valentine’s Days involve more chocolate than romance, so it’s kind of an up and down holiday for me (and for a lot of people!! It’s one of those holidays with high expectations that don’t always come to fruition, like New Year’s Eve!!! And there is always next year!!!)

I’m giving you a chance to catch up on your reading this month—except that Blessing in Disguise came out in paperback at the very end of January, on January 28. It’s about a woman and her three very different adult daughters—and her relationship with each of them. And The Numbers Game will come out in hardcover on March 3—which is about the fact that you can reinvent yourself and start fresh at any age, which I firmly believe!!

And if you’re still looking for romantic opportunities after Valentine’s Day—it’s a leap year this year, which opens a multitude of possibilities. Go for it, ladies, if you’re so inclined, it only happens once every four years!!! And beware of what you wish for!!!

Happy February!!!


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