A Letter from Danielle for February ‘18

Hi Everyone,

February is still the heart of winter in most places, and can be a dreary time weather wise. Spring is still a long way off for most of us. But of course the date that stands out in February is Valentine’s Day. A day of despair for some, elation for others, or hope that something exciting might happen that we may or may not expect. It’s not just a day for lovers, but a chance to express love for those close to us. And any holiday that involves a lot of chocolate is really worth noticing!!!

The high point of my relationship with Valentine’s Day was when my husband John proposed to me. He was the most handsome and exciting man I’d ever met, and someone I had admired from the distance for years. We had only been dating for 6 weeks on Valentine’s Day. I didn’t expect anything more than flowers or chocolate, but instead he proposed to me over lunch! It was one of the most exciting days of my life. We were married 4 months later, to the day, and went on to have 6 children (for a total of 9, including those we already had), and were married for almost 18 years. It was a great run, we loved each other deeply, and even once no longer married, we stayed close for the rest of his life. That was my very best Valentine’s Day ever.

My worst Valentine’s Day was in the third grade, when I was the only girl in my class who didn’t get a Valentine. Definitely a low point. And I’ve had good and bad ones since.

I hope you’ve had time to read my new novel FALL FROM GRACE. It’s about a woman whose life falls apart when the bottom drops out of her world. What happens when you lose everything? Even your good name and reputation. Where do you go? What do you do? Who do you turn to? The character in my novel discovers new worlds, new people, and a whole new life begins. She ends up in Hong Kong, as she rebuilds her life and starts over in ways she never expected. As new doors open to her, the past closes resoundingly behind her.

I hope your Valentine’s Day turns out to be fabulous in ways you don’t even expect. I hope it includes flowers, chocolate, love … and maybe even a proposal!!! And even if this isn’t your best Valentine’s Day ever, there’s always next year!! Have a great month of February!!!


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