A Letter from Danielle for August ’21

Hi Everyone!!!

August always takes me by surprise, since it marks the halfway point in the summer. One just gets used to vacation rhythms and some time off—and suddenly back-to-school thoughts, car pools, school supplies, soccer games, fall projects at work, and new plans creep back into our heads. But keep in mind that you have another month of summer to enjoy, and hopefully some vacation time left too! The time flies by all too quickly: This year has—and I say that at this time every year!!! I hope you’ve had some great downtime, and time to read wherever you’re vacationing.

I have a very fun book for a last summer read to keep you entertained this month. Complications is about some very complicated lives that intersect at a chic little hotel in Paris, with a collection of interesting employees and distinguished guests. One guest, a famous politician, is being blackmailed and has a rendezvous with his blackmailer at the hotel, with shocking results that will impact his life and his career. Another guest has come with a terminal illness, to visit Paris for a last time, and encounters a stranger who changes the course of his life. A young couple is celebrating a happy event in their lives, and Fate intervenes dramatically. One guest saves another’s life. And a longstanding guest of the hotel comes to stay to recover from a major loss in her life. Their paths cross, and some of them meet. A bomb scare keeps the new manager and his very competent assistant on their toes. There isn’t a dull moment in their lives, or in the book! It keeps moving at a brisk pace and is full of events no one could predict or expect. The title seems particularly apt. I hope you love it, and that it makes the final weeks of your summer holidays even more fun!!!


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