A Letter from Danielle for August ’20

Hi Everyone,

Wow, we’re halfway through the summer, and certainly not a typical summer. Around the world people are struggling with learning to live with the virus. Different countries handle it differently, but most seem to agree that masks, social distancing and handwashing are all important to stay safe from Covid 19. It’s not a lot to ask to save lives, and protect others and ourselves. Taking the appropriate measures and following the rules helps us to lead more normal lives, and still do some of the things we enjoy.

And with everything we’re dealing with, reading is more important than ever. We’re all having to live with juggling the stresses of the situation, adapt our lives, be as productive as possible, and even have some fun—easier in some places than others, depending on how locked down they are. I know my family are doing a lot of puzzles (some are 3D), baking, cooking, exercise, artwork, and a LOT of reading. I’ve gone back to doing some artwork myself. I make wall hangings with vintage letters (in plastic, metal, and wood, some in very bright colors, with letters from the 30’s all the way to the 70’s, in all sizes). I love art that involves words. And I’m doing a lot of writing. I’ve worked on 5 different books during the pandemic. Writing is a wonderful escape, and so is reading.

I hope you get some time off. I gave up my vacation this year, since I can’t spend it with my children. We’ll have to find other ways to be together, and we’ll appreciate the vacation more next year!!! And since I’m not taking a vacation, I’m writing more than ever.

And speaking of “escape” and reading, I have a book coming out in August that was really fun to research and write. Royal follows a British royal family during World War II and into modern times. There is an additional (fictional) member of the royal family who disappears, and the book is about what happens to her when she does, and the stunning secrets that surface twenty years later, much to everyone’s amazement. We’re all a little fascinated by royalty, so I put a spin on it and had some fun!!! Writing fiction gives you room to maneuver and add some surprising twists to real life. You can do whatever you want with fiction. I hope you love it, and have fun reading the book. It’s a peek into the mysteries of royal life, with the added factor that royals are human and face some of the same situations we do. There is quite a lot about horses in the book too, which was fascinating to write about too. I learn something new with every book!!! Especially when it involves history, or interesting locations and professions. And royals always fascinate me!!! Their lives are so much more glamourous than mine!!!

Have a safe, healthy rest of the summer, and let’s hope we can put the pandemic behind us soon. Have a wonderful month of August, and I hope you do get to go on vacation, and be with your friends or loved ones.

Lots of love,

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