A Letter from Danielle for April ’22

Hi Everyone.

Well, officially spring is slowly getting here, although dragging its feet a little. But we have some key reminders of spring. (Now for some warm weather!!)

Easter is always a good reminder of spring. And I’ve said before, my favorite thing about Easter, religiously, applies to everyone of all and no religions: Resurrection. The idea of rebirth, starting over, rising from the grave, a clean slate. We’ve all had a rough two years with Covid constantly lurking, and some people caught it, and others lost loved ones to it. We need a rebirth from that, and from all the other difficult things we’ve been through. I love that you can start again and be “renewed.”

And, I have a new book coming out in April, one I love. Beautiful examines what we think beauty is, what constitutes beauty, and how we perceive it. A young woman (a supermodel) is at the Belgian airport that was bombed in a terrorist attack 6 years ago in real life. Half of the supermodel’s face is destroyed, the other half is intact. What happens to her life, how does she perceive herself, and what will happen to her future? I really love that book. The story is very close to my heart, as a member of my family was in that explosion. The victim in real life is a remarkable person—and so courageous, she has recovered very well—and is an amazing athlete who just competed in the Paralympics. We are so proud of her!!!

Have a wonderful week and Happy Easter!!!


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