A Letter from Danielle for April ’21

Hi Everyone,

I hope that spring is here wherever you are, and I hope that the Covid situation is improving in your area. It has been a long haul so far, and one of the great escapes is reading a good book. And hopefully the general situation will be better soon.

I used to dye Easter eggs with my children and put together baskets for friends with the dyed eggs. I always had purple fingers for weeks afterwards, but we had so much fun doing it! They would all sit around a big round table dyeing the eggs and making the baskets. Happy days to remember. . .

I’ve been busy writing, and there are two new books coming out this month. On March 30, The Wedding Dress came out in paperback. It’s a family saga about four generations of women in a family who wear a beautiful wedding dress made in Paris in the 1920s, right before the crash of 1929. It follows the family fortunes, and the different lives of the women in the family who wear the dress. And historically, it goes from 1929 through World War II into more contemporary times. I hope you really love the book and enjoy following the lives and generations of this remarkable family.

And on April 27, Finding Ashley will be coming out in hardcover. It’s a very moving book about a woman who gave up a baby for adoption when she was fifteen, how it marked her life, and what happened to her then and since. It’s a very poignant journey, and her sister, who is now a nun dedicates herself to helping the sister who is still struggling with the decision she made so long ago. It’s a story about two sisters, and mothers and daughters, and is the perfect book to honor Mother’s Day. I hope you love this very special book!!! And give it to mothers that you love!!!

Have a wonderful spring, and month of April, and stay safe.


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