A Letter from Danielle for April ’16

Hi Everyone,

The month of April conjures up springtime and flowers, which is a nice image of the month – but not always true! I’ve been caught in snowstorms in New York and other cities (Chicago) as late as mid-April, so winter may not be entirely over. But let’s hope the weather will get warmer soon wherever you are!!

If you have kids in school, one nice thing to look forward to is spring vacation. While my children were growing up we went to Hawaii every year for Easter and their school spring break. It was a fantastic vacation for all of us! All my nine children loved it — they swam all day and enjoyed the beach. We went to luaus and they took hula lessons, and it was just a wonderful change of scene. We have terrific memories of those times in Hawaii, and two of my children still go there every year. I haven’t been in many years (about ten.) Once my older children were in college, they no longer had Easter vacation, so it didn’t work for us as a family trip. I think if I went back now it would just make me sad, remembering a time that is gone now, with kids all grown up. But I do cherish the memories, as we had a ball there!!!

April in Paris is beautiul, as the song says, but still chilly. However, as the calendar moves along, it reminds me that summer is coming, with a lot to look forward to – warmer weather, sunny days, holidays and summer vacation!!

My newest hardcover novel came out 2 weeks ago: PROPERTY OF A NOBLEWOMAN. If you haven’t had a chance to read, it’s a fascinating story with surprises and mysteries – and a big jewelry auction!

And as always, I’ll be writing this month, working on new books to give you in the near future.

Have a great month of April wherever you are!!!

Take good care!!



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