A Letter from Danielle for April ‘20

Hi Everyone,

This isn’t the newsletter I was planning to send to you today—and had already written—talking about spring flowers, warmer weather, and dyeing Easter eggs. These are serious times, and every country in the world is facing a huge challenge. For safety and to prevent further contagion and the spread of the virus, we’ve all been asked to lock down in confinement, stay home, and work from home if we can. It’s not easy, and the times are scary, but we’ve been told that if we stay we will beat this and be free again. They have demonstrated that in several countries in Asia. So this won’t be endless, but we need to take it seriously. I’m sure you are. I’m working from home, my publishers are too, and people are even homeschooling their children. There are lots of things to do while in confinement: house repairs, games, puzzles, BOOKS!!, videos, movies, exercise (I’m now walking 45 minutes a day, round and round in my apartment, something I never do). We just have to sit tight and stay home until this is over. That day will come, and we have to be patient. And I hope that my books will cheer you up and distract you while you wait!!

We have new books for you this month. Lost and Found came out in paperback on March 31. It’s a book about a woman who looks back into the past in order to evaluate her present and make decisions about her future. She takes off on a cross-country driving trip to see the three men she loved and chose not to marry, to figure out if she made the right choices with her life—and she makes discoveries and encounters surprises along the way. We all wonder about people in our past, and rarely have the opportunity to take another good look to see if we were right!!! I hope you enjoy the book!!!

And at the end of April, a very special new book in hardcover: The Wedding Dress, which seems especially wonderful and appropriate for Mother’s Day. It’s the story of four generations of a family and the wedding dress which is the epitome of each generation’s dream. The dress was made in Paris and it is worn first in great splendor right before the Crash of 1929, which alters the family’s life severely. And we follow the dress through each generation, with each turn of fate and fortune, through the Second World War, the post-war years, the flower children, right into today’s world of hi-tech and the internet. It’s a heartwarming story of an impressive family and a very special dress—and what it means to each generation. I really hope you love it and that you think it will make a fabulous gift!!!

I send you all my best and warmest thoughts. I am thinking of you and continuing to work on new books. Please be safe and stay home!!! And, hopefully, this will all be over soon.

I send you all my love and blessings,

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