A Letter from Danielle for April ‘19

Hi Everyone,

Well here comes April—hopefully springlike by now, wherever you are. There is something so cheering and hopeful about seeing green leaves again, and flowers springing up. Easter is in April this year, with all the fun “commercial” side of it, with Easter bunnies, and rainbow painted eggs, easter egg hunts for your children. I used to spend weeks in April with rainbow colored hands after dyeing Easter eggs and making Easter baskets with my children. And jelly beans!!!! chocolate–covered marshmallow eggs, and Peeps!!! It’s a fun holiday with kids!!! And a serious religious holiday for many, with the theme I like best in the Christian faith: the concept of Resurrection, rising from the tomb (of despair, depression, disappointment, defeat), and rebirth, feeling new again, and starting fresh. It’s a theme that has meant a great deal to me for many years, and we all need resurrection and rebirth at times from the heartbreaks and hardships in our lives. Easter tells us it’s possible—that even the notion of crucifixion can lead to “resurrection.”

The paperback of my book The Good Fight will be out in April,

which covers the turbulent times of the 60’s and 70’s, and a rebellious and earnest young woman who was trying to make a difference in the world during a time of great change!!! She’s a courageous young woman, who followed in the footsteps of her bold, liberal, innovative grandfather who is a Supreme Court Judge, and it talks about the era of the Vietnam War, and the agonizing battles for desegregation in the US. The book touches on some very important themes.

I hope that April will be a happy month for you, however you celebrate it, or if you just enjoy warmer weather, the sunshine on your face, and the smell of flowers in the air.


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