A Letter from Danielle for April ‘18

Hi Everyone,

Well, we’ve made it through a quarter of the year, and as of 10 days ago, it’s officially spring. I have a new book out in hardcover, ACCIDENTAL HEROES, which I absolutely LOVED writing. It came out on March 20th (and just hit #1 on the New York Times bestseller list!!), so maybe some of you have had the chance to read it. It’s a book with a lot of suspense in it, and a mystery of sorts. A mystery that has to be solved in the very defined time span of a flight between New York and San Francisco.

A young security agent at JFK Airport in New York discovers a postcard, with an ambiguous message on it, and begins a race against time, as she suspects suspicious events. The cooperation of agents on the ground, the FBI, people behind the scenes, crew on the plane, passengers, and some really endearing characters makes you root for the good guys to win. And as in many situations fraught with excitement, some unusual and accidental heroes emerge. And what happens after that? When something major and unpredictable happens, it changes your perspective, and you see the world differently afterwards. It’s an inspiring book. I hope enjoy it!!

Other than that, there’s nothing too new and exciting happening in my life. The usual avalanche of work. I was able to spend time with some of my children in March and really loved it as I always do.

Yesterday’s Easter holiday came very early this year, at the same time as April Fool’s Day (my children’s favorite holiday.) When they were little, they tortured me with April Fool jokes I always believed!! In a more serious vein, I have always loved the spirit behind Easter. It’s a time of resurrection: of rebirth, new hope, and new beginnings, rising from the ashes of despair and disappointment to start over with a clean slate. I love the meaning of that and the hope it gives us.

I hope April will be a special month for you this year … full of fresh perspective, and a feeling of renewal and rebirth.

Have a wonderful month!! And I hope the Easter Bunny started the month off right and brought you lots of chocolate!!


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