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Notes from Danielle

A Letter from Danielle for June ‘17
June 27, 2017
Hi Everyone, I hope that June is finally going to bring us some warmer weather. All of my cities have had a VERY chilly May!!! (and a lot of rain!!) It used to be that June was warm everywhere, now that’s not always the case!! For anyone with kids, June is a VERY busy month. They get [...] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for May ‘17
May 3, 2017
Hi Everyone, May is always a very special month for me, full of happy memories. May Day was always a big day in France when I was growing up—I used to dance around a maypole, wearing a wreath of white flowers on my head when I was a very little girl. The flower symbolic of May [...] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for April ‘17

Hi Everyone, I hope that all is well with you. Well, we made it through the winter, and with April here, in some places it actually feels like spring. Even if it’s still a little chilly, I love the way California looks in spring, with blossoms out, leaves on the trees, and a lush carpet of [...] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for March ‘17
March 7, 2017
Hi Everyone, March gives one hope of spring, although that’s probably all it is in most places – a hope. It’s been a harsh winter in most of the places I go, with freezing weather, floods, blizzards, and snow. So I’m not sure how fast spring will come, but it’s nice to think about at [...] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for February ‘17

Hi Everyone, Here we are, a brand new month. And a good one!!! We get a long weekend for Presidents’ Day, which is always nice, and I think some school kids get ski week, which is fun!! The winter weather is a little less fierce by this point (I hope) … AND (drum roll please), [...] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for January ‘17

Hi Everyone, There’s nothing better than reading a book and getting engrossed in the story with a cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or a mug of soup – especially in winter. And my new hardcover THE MISTRESS is officially on sale today! It’s the story of a beautiful young woman, living a life of [...] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for December ‘16
December 14, 2016
Hi Everyone, Here we are in my favorite, favorite FAVORITE month: December. I truly know how difficult the holidays can be–with family stresses, financial strains, and just too much to do–but, I am just a corny person, and I love the Christmas holidays, and even some of the Chanukah traditions that I know. Holidays are [...] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for November ‘16
November 17, 2016
Hi Everyone, First of all, my new novel THE AWARD is now officially on sale!! I hope you read it soon and let me know your thoughts. And I truIy hope you enjoy it. It makes for the perfect gift book too if you are like me and do your holiday shopping early! Today is also [...] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for October ‘16

Hi Everyone! I hope the fall is off to a good start for you. I love October!! The weather is crisp and invigorating!! Fall activities are well underway, the kids are settled back in school, there is no pressure about the holidays yet (except for people like me who start Christmas shopping in August.) I [...] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for September ‘16

Hi Everyone, Well, with Labor Day around the corner, summer is officially almost over. Mine flew by, and I’ll bet yours did too. I had two short vacations with my five youngest kids, and thoroughly enjoyed them. I’m sorry to see the summer over, but I REALLY love September and always have. When my kids [...] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for August ‘16
August 5, 2016
Hi Everyone, I hope you’ve gotten some time off this summer, and if you haven’t done so yet, I hope that you still have some vacation time coming your way in August. We all need a break when we can manage it! August always seems a little bittersweet to me—the weather is still warm, it’s still officially [...] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for April ‘16
April 4, 2016
Hi Everyone, The month of April conjures up springtime and flowers, which is a nice image of the month – but not always true! I’ve been caught in snowstorms in New York and other cities (Chicago) as late as mid-April, so winter may not be entirely over. But let’s hope the weather will get [...] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for March ‘16
March 1, 2016
Hi Everyone, I hope that last month was a good one for you, and that Valentine’s Day turned out the way you wanted. That’s always a dicey day, with lots of hopes, and not always so easy to have it go the way you plan. So I hope it was a good one!!! And here [...] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for February ‘16
February 1, 2016
Hi Everyone, I hope that things are going along well for you. We’ve got some holidays coming up in February – President’s Day, which gives us a long weekend (always welcome!!!), Groundhog Day, which always seems a little silly to me after the classic Bill Murray movie of the same name, Chinese New Year, which [...] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for January ‘16
January 1, 2016
Hi Everyone, Happy New Year! Whether they were wonderful and just what we hoped, or fell short in some way, I suspect we’re all grateful to have made it through the holidays. On the heels of Thanksgiving, December packs a real punch: Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Our budgets stretched to buy gifts for those [...] Read more
A Note from Danielle for December ‘15
December 1, 2015
Hi Everyone, I think December is my favorite time of year. I love the summer months (when I get to be lazy, which is never often enough) and the energized feeling of September, but December is truly magical. It’s filled with happy memories of my childhood holidays. Growing up, Christmas was a big deal in [...] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for November ‘15
November 10, 2015
Hi Everyone, We’re starting into the early part of winter now, with the holidays drawing near. It can be the best part, or sometimes the most challenging part. But Thanksgiving is a very special holiday. At first glance, it appears to be all about food, and all the traditional things we like to eat on [...] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for October ‘15
October 13, 2015
Hi Friends, After some down time in the summer (never much, since I was working on a book and ‘taking it easy’ is never my strong suit), September always picks up the pace. I always get busier as I leap into fall, with plans and projects for the coming months. Things tend to speed up a [...] Read more
A Letter From Danielle for September ‘15
September 3, 2015
Hi Friends, September is one of my favorite months of the year, probably left over from my school days. And for years, it was my busiest month. With 9 kids to outfit, organize and get ready for school-lots of fun trips to the 5 and 10 for pencils, notebooks, erasers and lunch boxes (with Super hero [...] Read more
A Letter from Danielle for August ‘15
August 3, 2015
Hi Everyone, Well, the weather is certainly right to be writing a summer newsletter!! As I write this, we’ve had 105 degree weather in a heat wave in Paris, the first in several years. We’ve had cold rainy June and July months for several years now, and this harks back more to the summer weather in [...] Read more